They distribute their cryptocurrency for free: are you one of the lucky ones who will benefit from it?

1inch puts the cover back – After making a first distribution last December, 1inch puts the cover back with a second airdrop. In total, 84 million dollars will have been distributed free of charge to users of the protocol… but not only!

Customer acquisition, the sinews of war

Last December, the 1inch decentralized exchanges aggregator had already made headlines after playing Santa Claus and distributing 600 1INCH tokens to all users who interacted with the protocol.

This time around, 1inch is repeating the operation with the distribution of 6 million 1INCH tokens to users of Mooniswap ( 1INCH’s DEX) and Uniswap .

To benefit from it, you must:

Either have interacted with the Mooniswap protocol before December 24

Or have interacted with the Uniswap protocol, at least 20 times (and on different days), while having carried out more than 3 operations in 2021.

In fact, a spokesperson for 1inch said that approximately 25,000 addresses would be eligible for this new round of donations, and that each user should receive approximately 240 tokens . If you want to check if you are eligible yourself, go to the official project website and connect your wallet directly to try and claim your tokens.

Finally, 375,000 additional tokens were also distributed to users of wallets, such as Argent, Gnosis or Authereum.

The goal of 1inch seems clear: to distribute tokens to as many users as possible to encourage them to use the protocol more. It remains to be seen if this will be enough to compete with the giant Uniswap!